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“We view research as telling the story of the consumer and understanding how businesses can better meet their needs.”

Who we are - Market Research agency South Africa


Andrew Johnson

Key previous roles:

  • Managing Director / Research Director at GlobalEDGE Marketing Consultants (4 years)
  • Head of Research International Melbourne (3 years)
  • Marketing Science & Client Service Director, Research International UK & SA (8 years)

Industry passion: “Story telling”; Data Analysis; Segmentation; New product development and Strategy

What I love: Travel, experiencing new cultures, astronomy, science, family time, photography and trying to play golf


Catherine Read-Fletcher

Key previous roles:

  • Director of Client Services at GlobalEDGE Marketing Consultants (8 years)
  • Business Practice Leader: Research International (6 years)

Industry passion: People, stories and strategy; Combining creative & analytical skills; Emerging market consumers; Consulting and qual/ quant hybrid research

What I love: Family, friends, taking joy in the moment, exploring the great outdoors, flamenco dancing, photography and great music


Mpho Mpofu

Key previous roles:

  • Researcher at Millward Brown
  • Unilever accredited moderator
  • Keynote speaker & SMME Mentor
  • Founder of Masutane Consulting and Masutane Academy (current)

Industry passion: Mpho is passionate about the (South) African research industry; developing high quality moderation & recruitment skills; Training, developing & mentoring entrepreneurs & SMMEs; Raising awareness of the role market research can have in successful small businesses

What I love: Lazy drives to amazing places, traveling and discovering new places, playing with my kids, hanging out with my husband, listening to music and getting down with my girls, love people and networking