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Services - Market Research Agency Africa, South Africa


Concept, Product & Sensory Testing

There is something inspiring about being at the forefront of doing new things and we have been involved in innovation research for most of our careers. Being involved in developing new ideas, testing them, refining them, validating the product performance and then seeing their success amongst consumers provides us with a great sense of satisfaction.

We do a full range of idea, concept, pack, product and sensory testing - both qualitative and quantitative. We can work with you to advise on the best methodology – in home, central location, hostess homes; monadic, sequential monadic, triangle testing, etc.

We are preferred suppliers for product testing in South Africa for several of the world’s largest FMCG companies and we conduct dozens of tests a year.

We have been fortunate enough to be trained in sensory research by Anne Hasted and utilize both SPSS and the XLSTAT sensory research kit to analyse sensory data. In addition, we have extensive experience of volumetric estimation research, portfolio optimization through TURF analysis and Cannibalisation estimates at launch.

As a result, we are perfectly positioned to partner with our clients to provide clear guidance on how to optimise their concept, pack and product mixes and launch strategies.

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Segmentation & U&A

A good U&A or segmentation study is the cornerstone of a company’s consumer knowledge and a platform for innovation, branding and activation. When used properly this information can answer the business’s strategic and tactical grounding for years to come.

Given our business focus on being strategic partners with clients, this is the work we love most and collectively we’ve been involved in almost 300 such studies over the years. This has given us a strong technical understanding of how to analyse the data accurately in an African context as well as the ability to elevate the vast amount of data into strategic plans for high level executives in the business.

We also understand that marketers and sales teams do not have time to trawl through reams of data and we work with best in class partners to ensure that the deliverables of these studies are engaging and lively – whether via infographic reports, videography, booklets, presentations or workshops. We see our role in these studies to partner with the internal teams in order to help refine business strategy on the basis of the insights generated.

“There is something inspiring about being at the forefront of doing new things.”


Consulting, Analysis & Ad-hoc Research

We view research as telling the story of the consumer and understanding how businesses can better meet their needs via new products and services. Sometimes uncovering and unpacking these needs requires new research, but there are occasions where we can take existing knowledge and revisit it to find new ways of looking at business strategy in the light of current events.

We love working with our clients to develop approaches to find the answer to a burning question or to develop new ways of looking at the problem and find innovative solutions to addressing it. Whether working with existing data sources or creating new ones, we use our experience to provide our clients with analysis, consultancy and advice on how to move beyond the insights to developing solutions for their business.


Emerging Market Consumers & Traders

As the developed world has faced more challenges with growth, many companies are looking to the bottom of the pyramid consumers in emerging markets. Developing and refining new solutions and products for consumers that represent a large number of potential consumers, who are often currently not reached through existing brand, product and pack strategies, has provided significant growth opportunities for many businesses.

We have a passion for these consumers and those manufacturers, retailers and service companies that provide innovative and creative solutions for the diverse and fascinating people of Africa.

We have learned immense respect for these consumers who are always making do with very little despite their constraints and we’ve seen the importance of trusted brands in their world. Partnering with clients who seek to come alongside these people is something that gives us great pleasure and satisfaction.